I am available and always looking for new creative opportunities.
Do you need a rig? Or a Model? I have a variety of personal and professional experience that may match what you are looking for in an artist.
I am now officially a Licence user of AdvanedSkeleton and 'Shapes' by Brave rabbit studio. Hi-quality low cost Rigs in a very short turn-around time!

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VerizonFrancis Last HurrahKeeblerEnergizerLiquid Plummer
National GeographicNikeNissanCokeUpdated the Trex 2 rig 01-12-2015




5/22/2017 - FREE! The Alice legacy rig
New models on Turbosquid.
Turbosquid gallery
$39. Ellen - Maya 2014 rig. Built with AdvancedSkeleton 5, includes advancedSkeleton facial rig. WIP coming in a few days 'Corrective Shapes with Weightdriver plugin